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Green Team Work Monthly Green Team Meetings

Upper Twp. Green Team meets are on the 2nd Tuesday of each month, 1 pm at Township Hall.  Keep track of all Green Team meetings and related “green” activities in the Township and other surrounding South Jersey Shore communities by following our Facebook Page.

Green Team Work Sessions 

Upper Twp. Green Team Workshop sessions are held at the Upper Cape Library Branch, 2050 Tuckahoe Rd., Petersburg, NJ 08270 on an as needed basis.  The Work Sessions are posted on Facebook and notices are emailed to our contact list.  The purpose of the sessions is to continue the community discuss about “green”on activities and partnerships in the Township. Upper Twp. residents are invited and encouraged to attend. Bring your ideas. Email the Upper Township Green Team with any questions > UpperTwpGreenTeam@yahoo.com

Website Link
Sustainable Jersey


Upper Twp. Green Team Work Session for Thursday, Jan. 29, 2015


Dec. 2014 – Upper Twp. Green Team Newsletter


Click above graphic to read online newsletter (4-pages) – PDF file.

Direct Link >  http://tinyurl.com/l64q9x4


Upper Township Green Team
Cape May County, New Jersey

Working toward a more sustainable Upper Township

The UT Green Team’s Facebook and social media postings enable the collaborative exchange of sustainable information. Postings and opinions do not represent the opinions or positions of the Upper Twp. Committee.
Vision Statement
Upper Twp. Green Team – Working toward a more sustainable Upper Township.

Purpose Statement

The Upper Township Green Team shall:
1. Serve as the advisory team to the Township Committee and the Township of Upper.
2. Focus on the successful completion of requirements for eligibility for Sustainable New Jersey certification.
3. Educate the Township of Upper in sustainability and the importance of a sustainable lifestyle to the community.
4. Encourage the Township Committee and the Township of Upper to participate in and propose green initiatives.
5. Collaborate with other environmental organizations and committees, both public and private, to replicate and utilize the best practices.
6. Ensure there is a coordinated effort within the Township of Upper and also between related communities.
7. Strive to provide the Township of Upper with continuous environmental improvement to ensure a high quality of life for residents of the Township of Upper.

Upper Township Green Team (Cape May County, New Jersey)
Facebook – http://www.facebook.com/UpperTwpGreenTeam
Email – UpperTwpGreenTeam@yahoo.com
Website – http://UpperTwpGreenTeam.wordpress.com

Upper Twp. Gov.> http://www.UpperTownship.com
Sustainable Jersey > http://www.SustainableJersey.com
NJ Resiliency > http://www.NJResiliency.com
Sustainable Jersey Schools > http://www.SustainableJerseySchools.com


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