Resource Page

Upper Twp. Green Team Resource Page with links you may find useful.

Green Business Recognition Program for Upper Township.

The Green Business self assessment checklist is found – here.
(File: upper_green-business-assessment_v1.0_29Mar2014.pdf)


New Jersey Fish and Wildlife resource material on the Delaware Bay region > pamphlet_delbay

26 Mar. 2014

Upper Township Pledge Supporting New Jersey Wildlife Action Plan – Resolution #67, dated 24 Mar. 2014
  – 067-2014 – Pledge Supporting NJ Wildlife Action Plan

NJWAP Cape Peninsula | NJWAP Coastal | NJWAP Tuckahoe | pamphlet_coastal| pamphlet_delbay

Green Living Tips      (tap into these resources)
• Earth 911
• Earthshare
• Green Living Tips
• The Daily Green
• Low Impact Living Calculator
• 153 Ways to Go Green

Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy
• Energy Star for Congregations

Agriculture & Gardening
• Sustainable Sites Initiative (SSI)

Water Resources & Conservation
• Rutgers Water Resources Program
• Rain Barrels
• Rain Gardens
• WaterSense
• Water use it wisely
• Project Wet

Local Environmental organizations
• Bike routes

• International Dark Sky Assoc (IDA)

(UTGT – Initial resource links.  Page last updated 30 Dec. 2013)


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