Green Tips – What Can You Do?

CHANGE A LIGHT – lf you replace your incandescent light bulbs with LEDs, you will see an 80% energy savings; the bulbs will last 25%  longer and electric for 30 LED bulbs will cost only $32 per year. Thirty incandescent bulbs will cost $350 per year for electricity.  Additionally, the LED bulbs will save 4,649 pounds per year in CO2 emissions.

DRIVE LESS – Walk, bike, carpool or take mass transit more often. You’ll save one pound of carbon dioxide for every mile you don’t drive!  Don’t let your car idle.  Purchase an alternative-fuel or an energy-efficient vehicle.

CHECK YOUR TIRES – Keeping your tires inflated properly can improve gas mileage more than 3%.  Every gallon of gasoline saved keeps 20 pounds of carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere!

AVOID PRODUCTS WITH A LOT OF PACKAGING – You can save 1,200 pounds of carbon dioxide if you cut down your garbage by 10 %.

Primary Source:  Go Green Galloway  – 03 Mar. 2014